A chilling notion, re-defining personhood

Imagine a government re-defining personhood so that people can be used in scientific research or for organ cloning and/or harvesting. Sounds like science fiction, huh? Well, think again. And listen to this Brave New Bioethics’ podcast, What It Means to Be Human. Even more chilling is to realize that this podcast first aired in 2006.

From the podcast site: What is this new idea called personhood theory? Under Personhood theory each human being doesn’t have moral worth simply and merely because he or she is human, but rather, we each have to earn our rights by possessing sufficient mental capacities to be considered a person. Personhood theory provides moral justification to oppress and exploit the most vulnerable human beings. Indeed, based on the writing of some of the most influential writers in bioethics in the world’s most reputable bioethical and medical journals, being denigrated as a non person can have lethal consequences and lead to the worst forms of abuse.For more information visit Discovery Institute’s Bioethics website.

View the iTunes podcast info.
Podcast page at podomatic.


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