Pro-abortion news anchor attacks pro-life advocate

He didn’t attack her physically but he attacked her nonetheless. Keith Olbermann, unsurprisingly, made some fairly obnoxious statements concerning pro-life blogger Jill Stanek on a recent broadcast. He named her the “Worst Person in the World”. Frankly, I think that’s hilarious. Jill happens to be the nurse who blew the whistle when she discovered that the hospital where she was employed as a nurse was performing live birth abortions. She courageously stood up and spoke out against this horrible practice and was instrumental in getting national legislation passed that prohibited such atrocities.

I think it’s particularly funny (yes, funny, in a funny, pathetic, ridiculous, laughable, funny sort of way) that Olbermann accused Stanek of “posting pictures and addresses of the only two remaining physicians who will provide late-term abortions when the woman’s life is in danger,” and thereby endangering the lives of the doctors, who would, he said, become targets for “crazy people like your readers”.

Ha! Good Lord. Never mind the fact that Stanek did not post their addresses. Never mind the fact that the doctors themselves advertise their names, phone numbers and addresses on the web in order to drum up business and help people find them. (I don’t know if they’re listed in phone books or not but abortion clinics advertise in the phone books around here. I assume they do elsewhere too.)

Good grief. I’m thinking I may have to start doing some awards myself. Maybe I’ll start with this Olbermann Doberman. (Oh, I’m sorry, how rude of me. My apologies. I don’t want to offend Doberman Pinschers everywhere with that remark.) But I do think that Keith Olbermann may be one of the most miserable and obnoxious news anchors I’ve ever had the misfortune to stumble across. Maybe I’ll give him the “Dirty Rotten Stinkin’ Liar of the Week Award”. I’ll have to think on it.

Or maybe not. I’d hate to sink as low as that little stinker.

Peace be with you.
Disciple :)

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Go to Jill Stanek’s blog.

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