Murder is not pro-life

I’d like to think that it doesn’t need to be said. But I’ve already heard and read enough to know that it does need to be said, over and over, so I’ll say it again right now: Murder is not pro-life. Murder is exactly the opposite of pro-life. One cannot be pro-life and pro-murder. The two ways are mutually exclusive. One is either pro-life or not, pro-life or anti-life, promoting a culture of life or promoting a culture of death.

The murder of Dr. George Tiller was not an act of a man who acted from a pro-life stance. He may have been anti-abortion, I don’t really know about his politics or religion or his social consciousness. But I do know that no one can be truly pro-life and yet choose murder as a way of dealing with any situation or any fellow human being.

I may not agree with Dr. Tiller’s choice of career path or with his pro-choice views. But I have no right to do any kind of violence against him and I would never dream of doing such a thing. My whole reason for being involved in the pro-life movement is that I am deeply committed to the cause of LIFE. To the dignity and sanctity of each and every human life, abortion doctors included. Everybody’s included, no one is left out. Every life is sacred. Every human being is created in the image of God. I have no right to decide that someone has no right to live, even if I oppose his views and his actions. The actions and views are what I oppose, not the person’s right to breathe and live his life.

Another reason I am so saddened that Dr. Tiller was killed is that I had hoped that one day he would change his mind. That one day he would have a change of heart and leave the abortion industry and be reconciled with God. I don’t know what happened in that last second before he went to meet his maker, but I can hope and pray that he looked to God the Father and asked for forgiveness. I pray for him that he had the chance to have that conversion.

His murderer will have to pay the consequences for what he has done. I hope he repents and undergoes conversion of heart and mind too. Violence is the problem, not the solution. The violent taking of a life is exactly what we are fighting against as members of the pro-life movement. Murder is evil and vile and has nothing to do with being pro-life. That man who murdered the doctor may be found to have anti-abortion ideas, but one thing he cannot be is pro-life, no matter what he or anyone else says.

Taking someone’s life—anyone’s life— is not an act for the cause of life.

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