Oprah doesn’t want my stem cells

Oprah doesn’t want my stem cells, judging from what I read about her reaction when Dr. Oz stated on her show that the stem cell debate was dead. Why dead, you might ask? Because, Dr. Oz went on to explain, much more success has been had in the treatment of disease from the use of adult stem cells. [How much more? Well, I believe that there has been exactly no success with embryonic stem cells. The only success there has been has been from adult stem cells.] And then there’s the little problem of acquiring the cells. Adult stem cells come from aware and consenting adults. Embryonic stem cells are taken from embryos who are killed in the process. Oprah and her guest, Michael J. Fox, a strong supporter of embryonic stem cell research, were not pleased to hear Dr. Oz say this.

Oprah and Fox then became visibly uncomfortable, shifting around in their chairs, as Oz explained that, contrary to Fox’s earlier testimony, incredible medical advances are being made using adult stem cells and not embryonic stem cells. He claimed that, “in the last year, we’ve made a 10 year advancement.”

Oprah responded in disbelief by saying, “In the last year we’ve advanced 10 years?” Oz explained, “we went places we never thought we would go.”

He then boldly stated that within “single digit years” the medical community could find cures for people with “Parkinson’s disease, but also diabetics and heart attack victims” by using adult stem cells.

Oprah’s website summarized Oz’s argument for adult stem cells with two short paragraphs, hidden 11 pages deep in a 13 page summary of the show…[in which] Oprah.com not only avoided quoting Oz as saying “the stem cell debate is dead,” but carefully avoided the words “stem cell” and “embryonic’ when quoting or summarizing his remarks.

Why didn’t Oprah respond to her guest openly and publicly? Why didn’t she post something specific and forthright about it? Because she couldn’t accept his testimony? For all that I may disagree with her politics and religious ideas, I used to really like Oprah. And I expected better of her. I expected her to be fair-minded and honest. Guess I expected too much.

Oz did in fact say stem cells were the solution, but instead of backing ESCR, he advocated adult stem cells as the future of medical breakthroughs.


All quotes are from the article on CNA: Oprah’s website buries Dr. Oz’s ‘stem cell debate is dead’ statement.

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