The beauty of towering storm clouds

It was a hot, humid, stormy day as I got out of my car. I’d just arrived at my favorite coffee shop when I looked up at the sky, as I often do, so I grabbed my camera off the backseat to get the shot you see below. I take my camera with me wherever I go these days.

Towering storm clouds
Towering storm clouds

I’m so glad I bought the backpack when I bought my zoom lens. I can keep all my memory cards, extra battery and charger, and filters in it, and keep whichever lens I’m not using protected while hiking through the woods or zipping down the highway.

Filters! I forgot to use a filter. Drat! I keep forgetting to attach a filter to the lens. First I kept forgetting to take the filter off, now I forget to put the filter on. Oy. I need to practice a whole lot more than I’ve been doing lately.

More photos at my Flickr page.

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