Standing shoulder to shoulder with saints and angels

A thought occurred to me this morning during Mass while kneeling after Holy Communion. We’re facing a time of intense (and intensifying!) spiritual combat these days. It’s a sobering thought and a bit chilling too. But think about it: When we stand up for the teachings of Christ and His Church, we stand, not alone, but shoulder to shoulder with all the Church; with all the Saints who have gone before us; and with all the Angels who do the will of God, battling the powers, principalities and all the evil spirits who prowl about the world seeking the ruin of souls.

Most important of all, it is not we but Christ in us Who is already crowned Victor over this world’s darkness and the culture of death. Christ’s Kingdom is vast. He promised to remain always with us in His Kingdom which is the Church until the end of days, so remember this:

The gates of hell don’t stand a chance against us.

Thanks for visiting and reading. Until next time, may your love for the Mass and for Christ and His Church grow ever deeper. And may His peace be always with you.

Image: I found images of this old poster on several pages on the web. I don’t know where it originally came from but I really want a printed copy of it. That would be grand!

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2 thoughts on “Standing shoulder to shoulder with saints and angels

  1. Spiritual warfare surrounds us! It is often scary to actually consider what is happening. I had a theophany once and for days afterward actually could sense or sometimes even see into the spiritual realm. It was honestly the most frightening yet wonderful time of my life. To catch even glimpses of angels or demons is nothing to take casually.


    1. Disciple

      Yes, it is scary, though I am not frightened. I am holding fast to my Lord and praying to Him to deepen my faith and my faithfulness. I don’t envy you your theophany. Seeing angels or demons must be exciting but there are types of excitement I can do without. ;) The things I have seen I have not asked for and I don’t encourage them.

      But, truly, these days I don’t have to look for demons. I catch glimpses of them in the actions and words of their (often) unwitting accomplices. And that is certainly nothing to take casually. It is something to take to the Lord in prayer. Daily. Hourly.


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