Reason versus faith and other false debates

For some reason during conversations like last night’s, many people will stereotype me as a “religion-head”. A “believer”. A “fanatic”. Okay, no one’s ever actually called me a “religion-head”, I just made up the label. But at some point during our argument, er, discussion I cease to be merely a human being who is free to look at the various aspects of an issue, using various parts of my brain and mind to glean what I can about the truth of a situation; and I become, instead, someone who is only allowed to have a religious opinion. And I’m not even allowed to have my true religious opinion. Oh, no. Uh uh. I’m only allowed to have a silly, distorted and baseless pseudo-religious opinion foisted upon me by the other party in his or her complete lack of understanding of my views.

Nothing annoys me as much as being told what my Church believes—by someone who believes they know what my Church supposedly teaches but in reality obviously knows next to nothing about what my Church teaches and still less about what I think, since they won’t listen to me when I try to tell them. And to assume, as some have, that I believe what I believe because I don’t have the ability to think on my own and have never questioned any authority whatsoever—well, this can really be annoying.

Where is the “scientific” attitude, the one of seeking facts and drawing conclusions from those facts? When it comes to many of the conversations I have with those who disparage “faith” and tout “reason” as their religion, they seem happy enough to hear me say anything at all about religion and then that’s all they can hear. Or they see the crucifix I’m wearing and suddenly I’m an illiterate Medieval peasant living in the shadow of ecclesial thought police. I’m capable of considering various aspects of a case, and willing, too. No Jesus glasses here, thank you very much. I realize very well that some questions are of a theological nature and others are scientific while others are of another nature altogether.

So, you bombasters, beware: no more trying to pull a fast one during an unwanted and unrequested debate. It’s time to declare the rules and the rules are that I am allowed to discuss any subject as if I were fully human, many-sided and historied. So there!

Okay, rant over. I think that’s enough caffeine for one evening, don’t you? ;)

One thought on “Reason versus faith and other false debates

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