Books on the nightstand

Someone asked me the other day what books I have on my nightstand. Seems like a good topic for a quick post, doesn’t require much thought, just have to remember what’s there. Hmmm…well, I’ve only got about half an hour before I have to leave the coffee shop, so I’ll have to give an abbreviated list. ;)

First, the Bibles.

  • A paperback copy of the Tanakh (Torah, Nevi’im, Ketuvim, Jewish Publication Society),
  • NAB (paperbacks and the illustrated leather edition that I got for $5 from an outlet),
  • New Testament, Confraternity edition,
  • the RSV CE (Ignatius Catholic Edition, leather, zipper),
  • RSV SCE (Second Catholic Edition, leather),
  • RSV SCE NT and Psalms (Ignatius SCE, leather),
  • RSV (given to me when I was a kid in the Methodist church).

And now for the other books. Oy. Well, here goes.

That took longer than I thought it would…and that’s not a complete list. Just wait til I list the books I’m carrying with me in my car! Heh. ;)

Update, May 15: I added the links today. I’ve been building my library for years so some of these titles are out-of-print; but you might find copies at Catholic bookstores or online.

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