At the Pro-Life Mass and Rosary last Saturday

This past Saturday I went to the Pro-Life Mass downtown. I guess between twenty-five and thirty people were there. The floor in that church building is concrete. And there are no kneelers. But when the time came to kneel, every one of us got down on our knees. (For the life of me, I can’t understand why on earth anyone would design and build a church and not include kneelers. Especially after reading Cardinal Ratzinger’s (Pope Benedict’s) The Spirit of the Liturgy. Did you know there’s an old tradition that the devil has no knees?)

After Mass (after the feeling came back in my legs), I joined the others to pray the Rosary outside one of our two abortion clinics that are still open. We prayed the whole Rosary while a very strong, damp and cold wind blew at us. But we would not be moved. We stayed on our side of the street. The sign on the iron fence said, Only guests of the clinic allowed, Trespassers will be arrested and charged with a federal felony. How about that? If I step on their property, I can be arrested and charged with a federal felony. Yet they can scar women, body and soul, and kill babies all day long and that’s perfectly legal. What wonders we’ve wrought in our world, huh?

And get this. One of the ladies who has prayed there many times says there’s a woman who works there as an escort and she usually comes out and heckles the prayer group. She yells at them and laughs. One time they were praying and she came out with a leaf blower. She tried to drown out the sound of their voices with a leaf blower. Picture this: God’s sitting up there in Heaven, listening to His children pray to Him. Suddenly something drowns out their voices. “Hey, I can’t hear the prayers any more! Somebody turn off that leaf blower!”

As if.

You gotta wonder about some people. Did she really think people praying for the lives and souls of others would be chased away by such a pitiful attempt at harassment? Did she think God wouldn’t be able to hear over the din? Or was she trying not to hear the prayers of these good people, trying not to hear the cries of the little ones who have died and will continue to die until we put a stop to this?

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