Making my blood boil

When people who know nothing about the Catholic Church trash her, trash the Pope and trash everything they don’t understand, it makes my blood boil, as Saint Teresa of Avila would say. I cannot count the number of times I’ve read rude comments on the web denouncing Pope Benedict for his opinions and views on various social issues. As if these were simply his views or opinions. As if the Church would be completely different if it weren’t for his silly conservatism. As if all the Pope has to do is change his mind, re-write Catholic doctrine to suit himself, and then wave his magical papal staff and, poof, a new Catholic Church is born. One that will offend no one, ever, in any time or place for any reason whatsoever. A Catholic Church that no one would need bother join, since she would no longer stand for anything.

Sweet Jesus.

No pope can re-create the Church in his own image. And don’t even get me started on those who accuse him of doing exactly that, of doing precisely the thing that he has not done and cannot do: of creating, with the help of others, what is called New Church.

Lord, have mercy.

I wonder how many people become interested in the Church, look into it, find all sorts of name-calling and in-fighting, throw their hands in the air and run back to the relative peace and quiet of their unbelieving and indifferent everyday experience.

Blood of Christ, save us.

4 thoughts on “Making my blood boil

    1. Howdy, JW :)

      If by “Church at large” you mean the members of said Church at large on earth, then I agree. The members of the Body of Christ on earth are always and will always be in need of reform. That’s what the Church is for: to re-form us. We are always in need of repentance, always in need of Christ’s saving power, His transforming grace. Hold fast to His teachings, to His Truth and Grace and we can face any enemy, we can be more than conquerors.


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    1. Disciple

      Hi. I’m not sure what your comment has to do with my post, other than the relationship between the title of my post and my response to spam. If you weren’t attempting to spam my blog, then I apologize. If you were, however, then I do not apologize for removing the link from your comment.

      Peace be with you. May you repent of spamming from now on.
      Disciple :)


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