National right to life convention in June

I’m seeking for ways to do more to serve our Lord and to help spread the message of the Gospel of Life and the Divine Mercy, to help fight the onslaught of the disastrous culture of death and to advance the culture of life. Well, I just received an email about a right to life convention coming up in June and I really want to attend.

We have work to do! Join us and hundreds of grassroots pro-life leaders in Charlotte this June to share our knowledge, hone our skills, and make connections to our nation-wide network of people working hard to guarantee legal protection for innocent human life…National experts and seasoned community activists will educate and inspire you! From their home page.

A little background information about the National Right to Life organization:

National Right to Life exists to protect unborn babies and the medically vulnerable. NRL was formed in 1973 as an umbrella organization – a non-profit, non-sectarian organization that could coordinate right to life activities in Washington, D.C., and in the states. NRL’s strength lies in its direct connection with the state and local grassroots pro-life movement through its board of directors and various programs. Quoted from their About Us page.

2 thoughts on “National right to life convention in June

  1. constitutionandhealth

    If every one could say to just one person that they are believers that life is sacred, it would go a long way in dispelling the lies and myths of the PP folk. Thanks for your advocacy and prayers


    1. Thank you! It would go a long way. Some people call themselves “believers” but then don’t stand up for life. Makes me want to ask them just what kind of believers they are. Believe in who or what?

      “Planned Parenthood”. The very name is a lie. Perhaps “Premeditated Murder” would be closer to the truth.


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