Rape and abortion, a Catholic view, Part 2, Words of hope

Updated, November 2, 2020: Edited the title to clarify that it’s part 2 of a post, add an image, and to add some notes at the end.

(Continued from a previous post, Rape and abortion, a Catholic view, Part 1.) I’ve been trying to get online all day and now that I have, I only have a few minutes before the coffee shop closes. But before I go on to say anything else by way of commentary, I must offer some words of hope for all those involved in the events of this horrible story. We celebrated Christ’s Resurrection this past weekend and so the Easter season has begun. This week marks the Easter Octave and this coming Sunday is Divine Mercy Sunday. And that message of mercy, healing, love and hope is precisely the message I want to offer to the family of that little girl in Brazil. And also to her doctor. I imagine her priest and her bishop already know this message, as is evident from their attempts to extend God’s mercy and assistance to those most in need of them. The priest and bishop were ignored. At least, they were ignored by the mother and the doctor. Then. Who knows? Maybe at some point in the future one of them will hear the voice of God speaking before it’s too late.

Conversion, change of heart, can happen at any moment. I pray that it will happen soon, at an opportune moment, in the lives of these people. In the lives of people everywhere who are tempted to take the life of another in a vain attempt to relieve themselves of suffering. Heaping more suffering upon their own heads in the process.

Trust in God’s mercy. Trust in His love. No matter what has happened to you. No matter what you’ve done or what someone has done to you. No matter how much hate you are feeling right now. No matter how justified you feel in it. That hate does not come from one who loves you, but, rather, from someone who desires your death, spiritual, emotional, mental, and even physical. Turn away from that death-embracing way. Hold up your cup of trust and let the fountain of mercy gush forth in a torrent to fill it.

I’ll write more tomorrow. I’m planning to spend at least a few hours at the library in the morning and a few hours tomorrow night back here at the coffee shop. That’s the plan, anyway. And Saturday morning I’ll be at the Pro-Life Mass across town. I’m trying to live more and more my commitment to advancing the culture of life. A step is a step no matter how small. Until then…may the Lord pour His grace and mercy into your life.

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